It’s hard to admit that you are constantly moving. This is symptomatic both for the individual and for the society as a whole. The raised dissonance between the real and the imaginary entails infantilism and a mess of constant conflict that generates a society of constant readaptation, which feeds on the myth of utopia. The turning point after the proclamation of the New Middle Ages, initially by Novalis, then later by Umberto Eco and others, never came. In the orbit of everyday life, there are wars, conflicts, clericalism, epidemics and cataclysms. The only difference is that Dance Macabre was transformed into a more relevant rave macabre and found other broadcast platforms.

Culture tries to eliminate death as much as possible from everyday life through the carnival and integration into mass culture. But the illusory shield, made of cryonics, digitization of consciousness, gerontology and other quasi-biological practices cannot protect from the arrows of eternity. To keep our reputation in an irreversible condition, we need to stop the naive denial and recognize the impossibility of utopia with cold calm. For the sake of rejecting the romanticism of dystopia and establishing a permanent state of deathtopia.

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