Adaptogen is an art project realized by me and Sławomir Zbiok Czajkowski realized remotely in a virtual reality environment. Using 3D modeling tools and VR headsets, we created a series of fantastic flowers which can be seen collected together in a virtual exhibition (the link will be available on the opening day).
Why did we choose the flower theme? First of all, nature, the motif of a plant, a flower, has been an unquestionable inspiration for artists for centuries. Biodiversity is a key issue for the survival of life on Earth in times of climate catastrophe and the problems of the Anthropocene. The motif of the flower or, more broadly, the plant has been chosen as a tribute to the biological complexity of our planet.
In the visual arts, the flower is one of the most recurring motifs; flowers are not just representations of reality, but are many times attempts to describe the world in their own language. In flowers, apart from their obvious physical characteristics, a careful observer will notice a metaphor for human life. Beauty mingles with death, fragility with great endurance, in flowers we can find symbolism that moves us deeply. “Each higher organism is richer in information than a Caravaggio painting, a Bach fugue, or any other great work,” wrote Edward Osborne Wilson, often called the “father of biodiversity”, in a seminal paper in 1985.
The project was carried out as part of the Hyper Global / Hyper Local project by MakersXchange.
Sound design for exhibition created by Clasps.
Full version of “Adaptogen” in VR or online: