The Bioglyph project is an attempt to transform individual sounds into real biological beings. Giving shape and volume to disembodied elements is a kind of homage to William Burroughs who said: «..since 1971 my main theory is that the Word is literally a virus and it`s hasn`t yet been recognized as such because it has reached a state of stable symbiosis with the human carrier».
Our language, which consists of different sounds, is full of features of both a living organism and a completely inorganic structure. It is an alchemical cauldron in which everything is mixed and fused — living and inanimate matter, technology and values, abstractions and figurative parts, and all antagonists become part of one amalgam. And at the same time, it is a philosopher’s stone that helps to transform everything around us and support within ourselves what makes us human — the desire for constant growth and harmony, solidarity, assertiveness and humanity.