Inland gingerbread house (general view)


Inland gingerbread house (part)


Inland gingerbread house (part)

Inland gingerbread house


Mural “Inner Gingerbread House” is created as an allusion to the main place of fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel. The work was created on the facade of detached house in rural area of Ternopil.
Fencing off own territory by the wall and desire to emphasize in this way the privacy of everything what happens inside has clear, typical intentions of mentality. But as a result of daily compilation of criminal or dramatic nature news in most media, such innocent actions generate other connotations. This domestic household escapism turns every house behind the fence into a potential “gingerbread house” and place full of secrets, household dramas and own fantasies of neighbors or passers-by. Mural hyperbolizes this context and transforming familiar facade of a private home into a space which balances between abstractionism, post-graffiti and psychedelic aesthetics. Contrast against the pastoral environment, this gap in the body of melancholic tranquil life leads to a complete absurdity of the type of thinking about the constant danger which “others” bear in themselves.

In the end, most of us, as a product of media era, are accustomed to nourishing all of our phobias from various sources of information. And after feeding, immediately turn on one or another reaction. But only some of us are looking for a key to break this algorithms within themselves.