The project was created in the form of a graphic manuscript. Each work supported by a text part more deeply reveals the actual way of transgression. The exposition consists of 12 parts and an object called «Autobiography».
Each graphic work is a code for the exit from the symptomatic circle of the present, where globalization leads to the standardization of all aspects of human life. And radical manifestations of conservatism and xenophobia assuming new dimensions in the era of absolute multiculturalism of society.

These and other aspects drive every person into a narrow space where the past does not differ from the future. And the ghost of their difference forms only by assortment for quenching consumer instinct.

Here, the order of all daily actions can respond only to the abstract public canon, and the spontaneity and discrepancy to the standard immediately condemn impenetrable anathemas. However, this course on gradual standardization can still be sabotaged.

The entry script for this automated nirvana can be completely rewritten after awareness of your actions. This self-programming gives you the key to transgression. The ability to constantly expand your limits and be in a continuous movement forward to overcoming all borders. Transgression, as a phenomenon, creates a tool for learning all possibilities. To erase the line between routine and feat by melting them into improvisation as a constant practice

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