Palimpsest (part of the exposition, 2018)
Palimpsest (part of the exposition, 2018)

The human body is palimpsest.

Consciousness is palimpsest.

Culture is a palimpsest.

The city is a total kingdom of palimpsests, where we are slaves and kings simultaneously.

We live among complex systems of layers, creating new layers or diving into old ones — it is the constant orgy of combinatorics as the basic strategy of life. This principle with fractal property pierces everything around us. And we are its source and creation.
The Palimpsest project is a small incision of the local environment. With its help, it became possible to make contact and critically comprehend the surrounding social and urban atmosphere.

This experience of mutual enrichment, without intervention, is one of the most needed practices of the present era of globalization. The era is characterized only by absorption, but not interaction. Since we live in the age of permanent changes, this process must be transmuted into constant life practice. That gradually will lead to the evolutionary result as the steps to the exit.

I`m not here (reusable graffiti, 2018)
I`m not here (city intervention, 2018)
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